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Annual Parish Meeting

What is the Annual Parish Meeting?

Every Parish Council in England must hold a Parish Meeting between 1st March and 1st June which must commence after 6.00pm. This meeting consists of the local government electors registered for the area in which it is held and can be convened by the Parish Council Chairman, two Parish Councillors or six electors for the area in which it is to be held. (Local Government Act 1972).

Historically the Annual Parish Council Meeting for Fornham All Saints hs been organised by the Parish Council and is held in May. It has been and will continue to be an opportunity for the Parish Council and organisations and charities within the village to report on their activities for the past year and to update the community on any plans going forth.

It is also an opportunity for residents to ask questions and provide feedback to all those groups.

The Parish Council invites representatives from village groups and advertises the meeting on the Village's three Noticeboards, Website and in the Village Magazine.

Each year Fornham All Saints Parish Council produces a report for its residents of the previous year's activities.

This is first published to the village residents at the Annual Parish Meeting which is held in May.

Copies of this report along with the reports submitted by the Saferneighbourhood Team, the Borough and County Councillor and other Community Organisations are incoporated into the Annual Report of the Meeting.

Copies of the following reports are available by clicking on the following: