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Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulation 2014

This Council supports the principles of openness and transparency. In accordance with the 2014 Regulations it allows filming, recording and taking photographs at its meetings that are open to the public. It also allows the use of social networking websites (such as Twitter and Facebook) and blogging to communicate with people about what is happening, as it happens.

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Notice and Announcement

Protocol for the Reporting at Council Meetings

In accordance with the 2014 Regulatuons certain decisions of a council that are delegated to council officers must be recorded in writing. The written record of such decisions must be kept by the council and will be available for public inspection.

Officer decisions are:

a) those made under a specific express authorisation

b) whilst acting under a general authorisation

c) NOT administrative and some operational decisions

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In June 2010 the Secretary of State called on all councils to make details of spending on all goods and services that fall above a £500 threshold available for the public to view.

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