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Our Village

Although close to Bury St Edmunds, Fornham All Saints retains an independent rural identity.

The River Lark forms part of the Parish boundary and thus a section of the 14 miles River Lark Path from Bury to Mildenhall passes through the village. There is also a public footpath up Tut Hill on the safe (field) side of the hedge as far as Bury Golf Club where its direction changes towards Bury. This also accesses the new Marham Park footpaths through as yet open ground.

The Suffolk All Saints Golf Club/Hotel is partly within the Parish, as is Bury Golf Course. Both are rich in wildlife.

A section of Pigeon Lane is closed to motorised vehicles and now forms a cycle and pedestrian route from the village linking to the cycle path networks of Bury and Marham Park.

The Parish Council maintains the Village Green which has been a venue for village parties in the past.


There are two natural ponds within the village (in private gardens) with associated wildlife.