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Neighbourhood Watch

We are aiming to rekindle the Village Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Technologically things have moved on considerably since the scheme started several years ago. There will be some further information about this in the next edition of the Village Newsletter.

 Most people have access to the Internet now, and have at least one email account. Did you know that you can visit the Suffolk Constabulary website and sign up for an emailed Newsletter from your Community Watch Liaison Officer?   These emails give valuable information and tips about avoiding bogus scams, and crimes which have taken place in our local community. As an example, one issue this month has advice on:

 Be alert after bogus officer scam

  • Warning on scam telephone calls
  • Police targeting motorists failing to use seatbelts
  • Outbuildings advice (regarding burglaries to sheds and so on)

The Newsletter also provide information on local meetings which have a crime prevention bias. There is also a facility for text alerts to your mobile phone which is called Police Connect.

 The link to sign up to the Newsletters/text alerts is


 The Suffolk Constabulary website itself is www.suffolk.police.uk

 There is a lot of information you can glean by visiting the Home Page and entering your Post Code which will take you to the “Find my Safer Neighbourhood Team” page.

 There will be more information about the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme re-float soon.

   Elizabeth Hodder