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Planting Fruit Trees

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Saturday 14th March 


Fornham All Saints Parish Council worked with nature non-profit organisation Greener Growth to plant 24 fruit trees.

It is hoped the trees could bear fruit in two or three years, and providing a scenic view in the meadow opposite the Lark's Gate housing development.Councillor Elizabeth Hodder, communications lead for Fornham All Saints Parish Council, said: "It went very well and it finished a lot quicker than we thought. Everyone got stuck in and did what was needed.

"Some of the ground was quite difficult to dig, it was not like one of those Mayor tree planting ceremonies, this was hard work!

"There was a mix of people there, including some strong guys who got digging. There were some residents from Lark' s Gate as well as some parish councillors and the local councillor Rebecca Hopfensperger."

She added: "There were some plans for refreshments, but we had to cancel those as a precaution over the coronavirus.

"Maybe that allowed us to finish it more quickly!"