Fornham All Saints Village

Probably the best village in Suffolk

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Mon, Sep. 2, 2019 7:00pm — 9:00pm

Location: VIllage Hall

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Supporting The Church, Community Centre and Village Hall.

Come along on MONDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER to the VILLAGE HALL at 7pm for a fun evening playing BEETLE. This is a dice game played with 4 people around a table.

Throw a 6 for a body to start your game. A tail for a 4 and a 3 six times will add the legs.  A head is a 5, then eyes can be added with a 1 two times and 2, 2’s are needed for 2 feelers. When all the parts are in place you have a full beetle. SHOUT BEETLE and everyone stops playing. Count up your body parts, 13 is a full beetle. The winner on each table moves to the next table clockwise, the person with the least points moves to the next table anticlockwise. When everyone has moved the next game starts on the whistle. There are 48 places.

 Book your ticket for £3 which includes prizes and light refreshments .

Tickets available NOW from LYNNE 766909; ENID 767688; KYRA 767188; PAUL 763701

Come along for some fun and laughter!